Friday, 7 October 2011


Subject : Welcome GBMY1025 and Congratulations New Lead Buyers!

On Fri, 7 Oct 2011 08:12:01 +0800, CEO wrote:
    Happy Morning Team GBM! Today we mark the beginning of GBM's stretch outside the Klang Vally with the launch of Giant Rawang! Congratulations to the Team Rawang and welcome to the GBM family!
   I would like to make special mention of the team that has worked really hard to make this possible, Ammy and Bovin who have lead the field operations to point of materialisation. Also the team from HQ that has worked really hard to do all the ground work from start to final mobilisation, Rita, Sherina and Ang, thank you all guys for making this happen!
   Special congratulations to Bovin, who is now a Lead Buyer with effect form October and has been given the responsibility to lead and develop the Rawang area as he develops in his new role! Bovin has been an invaluable help and support in many of the earlier store openings where he has volunteered himself and always showed up to work late after his shift, sometimes even after a full shift. Well done Bovin aka Raja Kapor! All the very best as you embark on your new journey of growth and development in leadership with GBM.
   Congratulations also to Bella who is now a Lead Buyer in the KL Central Area. Bella has been a top performer in the past months, proving herself to be a competent and dedicated Buyer, consistent and always improving her performance and contribution wherever she is located. Bella will be assigned to lead some of the new store openings in the future.
I would like wish you both, Bovin and Bella, the very best for your future with GBM as you develop in your leadership roles and contribute towards taking GBM to the next level.
Have an Awesome Day everyone and let's make some noise in the market place as GBM GROWS! Happy Buying! ~ CEO Gold Buyers Malaysia

Finally the CEO announced that we are promoted to be a Lead Buyer effective from October.. Yeaayyyy!!! Alhmdulillah..the time is coming..hehe..sound like giler pangkat..but this is what we called "career development"..hehe.. and i reply..

    Dear...Thank u soooo much!! I feel so honoured to get this opportunity and yeah, this role.. Thanks for giving me a space to proof that i can.. I will apply everything i have learn and everything that i know works.I won't ever let you down and i will assure you to continue to do and make my best better each day. I'm extremely glad to have spent this 9 months as a buyer with GBM.. This is a great opportunity and experienced working with GBM.
And i would really really love to wish a big thank you to Kak Ammy and Just..Both are always support and advice me..always correct my wrong doing.. Love u both..Kak,thanks for put so much trust on me and believe of what i'm capable of.
For my teammate, continue to improve and developed..there are many opportunities within GBM, and you will see u have a bright future with GBM and yes, as a team, we will support each other.. As for Bovin..congratulation!!! we are here since January, together we attended training, we go through up and down and we share everything, support each other,..and now, you are a Lead buyer..u are the king of ur kingdom "Rawang".. Goodluck for your undertaking ..Do your jobs and do it well, with dedication and commitment as always..We MUST give our UNDIVIDED attention to our new baby! Again, a great big thank you to Halimah.. Bella is ON!!!

Adakah bunyinye kedengaran seperti mengipas.??or meng a cond ??? lah kannnn????..ape pn, syukur alhamdulilah..the chance is here..i'm up the ladder..and will continue climbing..but actually, takut sangat..takut cannot perform well, or tibe2 down..mcm yg terjadi kat one of the previous Lead Buyer..tu lah org kate, if you top u dont stop,if u stop u can drop...

and CEO reply:

Wonderful Bella!
I am really looking forward to seeing you develop further.  With your bountiful spirit I believe you will go far.  All my very best.

wOOhoo..weeHeee...syok nye..happy nye..suke tanggungjwb da smakin besar..i have to proof that their decision is correct..saat my DM, kak ammy call, dia kate
" Bella, awak kene cari 2 org staff, nnt opening new store, awak Lead Buyer kat situ"..
aku pn ckp la kat dia dngn nada tkejutnye..
" ke akak ni..xpe lah, wat2 xdgar je lah"..
Bukan pe, takut salah dengar, and xjadi, aku da bkobar2 lebehhh..ish wat malu jekkk nanti... Next, DM text me:

Wahhh..akhirnya aku diberi pluang attend meeting..shaking gak msuk meeting operation manager da salam2 ngn sume, bile dia smpai kat aku je katenye
"welcome bella....finally"..
Dia pn cium2 pp aku yg tembam cm dia ni hah smpai bovin pn naik jelez..nk jugak katenye..gataiiii... so after meeting, kami makan2..finish..kami salam2 sblm bpisah and ble smpai kat aku, CEO tersasul sebut name lead buyer lain,..and aku pn cepat2 betolkan smbil besalam dgn dia..."No lah..i'm bella"..tibe2 aku jd mcm kucing..dgn gediknye melentok kan kpala ku di bahu CEO yg cantik n tinggi lampai tu..nk bmanje la konon sbb dia tibe2 pelok bahu ku sbagai tanda sorry tsilap sebut name..amek pluang nk manje2 lah aku..heehehe..over..

Jd..inilah dia myday..ari yg dinanti2..and akhirnye da di umumkan..aku start keje since bln 1, so da almost 10 bln aku org week dah buleh bersalin..ok, sehingga betemu lg next post, sbb ade story yg lagi bestttt... "bella and the opening of her new baby"...
"Danial, Bovin and Bella are invited for meeting tomorrow at 0930am-Mont Kiara"..

Sunday, 28 August 2011

My Day

Salam..Good MOrning..'s almost the time my housemate have a good nite sleep..i'm here with my blog..
This entry is about my day..1 meaningful week for me..unintentionally show off..but the way i expressed how happy i am..hehe..

This ramadhan, my CEO organize 3 competition..
  1. 1st week of August : Continuosly make a min of RM500 buys per day in a week.. Prize: Buffet Berbuka Puasa at 2 selected 5star hotel for two..
  2. 2nd week of August : Make a min 10 qty of buys and win RM100 Jusco Shopping Voucher..
  3. 3rd and 4th week : Achieve RM12k amount of buy per week. 1st prize win RM500 cash..Bonus prize Make a min 20 qty of buys worth RM 15000 and win RM100 Jusco Shopping Voucher.
So exciting!!! But unfortunately, i'm failed..very very that time, i'm requesting my manager to place me at other outlet..accepted..forth week..begin 22nd August..i went to Tesco Ampang and i really make my day there..for 3 week, i feel demotivated because of my poor buys.. and i managed to increase my buys and performance..succesfully increase the number of buys personally.. in a accumulated amount of buys worth RM 30k..wohooo..

At first..i'm quite worry to be case i can't perform..however, today i enjoy the fruits of my work. and i will continue to plant more seeds each day so i can get a bigger harvest when its tie to reap what i sow.

21/8/11-> I am back to Ampang with Marsha..there is no doubt that we shall make an awesome team together, we shared great chemistry working together even during our early days at Giant Batu Caves. My 1st day..i managed to make 6 buys (RM 2220)..
Go Princesses! Bella you are catching up fast! Make the rest of the tensing hours really count!
Go all out and make your first day back at Ampang totally awesome!!
24/8/11 -> This is the most meaningful day for me..i finished the day strong with total 10 buys personally worth RM11k.
Fantastic Bella!! Well done today!! Goes to prove you can do it! I hope you feel the confidence yourself! Doesn't it feel great!!! Keep it up Bella!
Tq CEO.. i feel great today..yeah..nothing is impossible..put extra effort, confidence with our self, then we can convince people that ours is much preferrable to get instant cash!!u are actually give me the spirit to give my hardest and accept it as a challenge to improve my performance..once again, tq..for your advice,support and everything..i will never put myself down but will give more to be at top..and yes..i wish..atleast i win this week's bonus marsha and danial already book 1st and 2nd place..hehe ~bella~
That's the spirit Bella.You have proved it today that you have it in you to be successful.  Well done! More to come!
27/8/11 -> My last day at Ampang..i gave extra effort and energy to boost up my buys and increase performance..i worked with my Manager as Marsha is off due to her fever..but i really made it.. i got an early morning bird..RM2k++...and at that time..i got a new spirit to request something from my CEO..

Fantastic Bella!!
First buy for the day! And a good Buy too!! Bella I am very happy to see how you have developed and are progressing in your knowledge of your job and how it is reflecting in your performance!
Well done! Now the Princes of Batu Caves have to be really alert today to keep up with you!

Every buy is a good and valueable buy for me..i m happy that you see the improvement in myself..everyday i learn on how to close deal better. .i really feel my confidence level is increase, my communication skill is improved.. i have work for almost 8 month here and this really gave me a lot of valuable working experience..furthermore, it is in sale industry..doing gold business.. i'm studing office management..major in administration..this is my first working experience..and i had learn a great deal about customer service..i do believe this will help me so much in my future undertaking..actually i'm looking forward to fill any administrative position in GB..but honestly i really love this job ( buyer ) because i met various kind of people to be deal with..i'm used to travel many outlet..and it is so exciting..!!
tq for always give us the spirit to improve ourself..

Hello Bella,It's wonderful hear this from you. Like I said, there are many opportunities within GBM.I am looking for Leaders and there is a career path here.
Now show me what you can do in the coming months and I will assure you that if you continue to perform like this and continue to improve, you will have a role to play and bright future with us at GBM. You need look no further.
So I will be following your progress very closely. Continue to do your best and make your best better each day.

28/8/11 -> i was at Ulu Kelang outlet today..and she expect me to give some good result here.. 1st buy worth RM10..and i finished my shift with total buy of RM600.  Not so big amount buy as i said..every buys is a good buys..

This is my first working experience.. i know its quite dangerous to work with gold and cash everyday..but i really love this job..may be coz of the pay that i received..hehe..but yaa..this is my 1st time..i dont want to put much hope to climb up the ladder but at least to be sumone to be proud.. i was encourage by my colleague, Marsha and my sis Serra..and 28/8/11..i send the email to my CEO applied for any position as management team....

Do next : K,eep up good work. do my job well, with dedication, focus and commitment..
Concern : Improve communication skills, improve on how to close deal better is 3am now..have to sleep and awake with a brand new spirit!!!Chaiyok...

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

tHe moNth of bLEssiNg n ExtRa rEwArds

Dah lame rasenye daku x mencurahkan isi hati..penuh sesak dada ini mnyimpan perasaan, memendam rase..cewahhh..emosi tercalar ke ape???hehe

   Episod pertama dalam bulan ramadan holy month for fasting..refrain ourselves from eating and drinking..aku da dpt ABC..sah2 la pose xpenuh..hehe..sedey..

   Sepanjang ramadhan ni..aku xberpeluang lagi berbuka ramai2 satu umah..msti de yg tecicir..whoelse??the 1 and only...serra..cangah2 aku tu!!!even dia msuk keje morning shift pn, but still dia akan smpai umah 9mlm.. supper je lah yg leh ramai2 nye..sahur pun!! tp bru ni dia membebel.. katenye "mentang2 ko xpose, ko x tolong kejut aku sahur ye along.." sedey je bunyi..besides, aku bsyukur sbb bile aku shift aku tu sudi meneman berbuka..mggu lepas since 1st day fasting,he keep accompanying me broke the fast at Giant Ulu Kelang...dis week aku kat Giant Batu Caves..ari ni dia dtg umah..dlm hujan lebat..berbuka ngn  aku n linda, housemate aku yg gojes tuhhh..kate dia kat linda " kerana cinta " sgup le dia meredah ujan td..

   Mmm..ape kate aku cri 1 name saintifik tuk cik abg tersayang aku ni..memandangkan dia save no hp aku "CINTA" kt hp dia..aku nk pgil dia "CINTA" lah pulok kt dlm blog ni..orait ke idak??hehe..

   Main purpose aku meluah perasaan malam ni adalah berikutan dengan 1 kejadian yg berlaku kat tmpat keje aku td.. as all aware, now is Ramadhan..muslim is required not to drink and ade juge makhluk yg xreti nk berpuase..dan mereka adalah lelaki..lelaki2 yg bkerja dkat dngn kiosk aku kat giant btu caves surprise..

  Pg td..lepas opening..aku duduk2,tulis report..Mr Manager a.k.a Gong Chan, dtg lepak kat manager kiosk lain..yg jual peralatan dapur tuhh..bkn manager gold buyers okeysss..anak buah dia dtg kat kami.."nk g makan jap"..wahhh..slumber gile..aku pn beso kan mate aku yg mmg beso ni..and kate mereka.."gurau aje"..aku assume depa setakat nk g smoking je le..da la pg td ala2 nk ngorat aku..cewahhh..tu ms aku nk g pinjam penyapu diorg..almklumlah nk trime visit dr manager2 goldbuyers..

   Ok2..back to the main topic..selepas itu ketika aku melepak jap kt kedai Mynews, ade 1 of the staff dr kiosk yg di mentioned di atas..nk byr milo..setin air milo ok?bru kuar peti..sejuk..siap amek straw.. aku pn tgok je le bdk2 Mynews tu perli itu mamat kemain lg slumber n xtau malu, meneruskan aje niat dia membeli.. kate bdk2 Mynews ni..diorg slu da nmpak guys2,mamat2, lelaki2 kat kiosk yg aku mentioned di atas tu curi2 minum..sgt teruk..

   Belah2 ptg nye plak..skli lg aku terkejut..aku nmpk perkara yg same dr seseorg yg aku plg xsgka..iaitu..Gong Chan..aku nmpk dia minummm!! my shock..dia pun???dia tgah teguk air botol dia the time i saw him..then bru dia terpandang aku n he just senyum2 je..aku pn dgn slumber ajak dia g msuk giant ms aku tgah break,, "jom g beli air.." dia jwb pe ntah..lupe sudaa..
   Bile dia dtg melepak kat aku lg..aku pn ckp "seriusly u x puase??? i thought u just kidding..previously u tegur i x g solat..but now..u xpuase plak??" lah..dat time aku malu gile dia tegur aku xsmbhyg..siap dia kate nk beli kan 1 buku ni tuk tu aku ronda2 ngn dia dlm giant lahh..

Moral value..dont judge the book by its cover..hehehe..sesuai ke x this term ek..ok kot.. ye yg kite sangka ok..but then we found out he/she actually not so okay lahh..lg 1..hargailah bulan puasa kali ni seperti kite da x berpeluang nk meraikan ramadan lagi tahun depan..during ramadan a Muslim is expected to keep away from all bad actions during his fast.. Sebolehnye sume org nk kumpul pahala bln puasa ni..the things is..ikhlaskah anda?? pendek kate nk extra rewards..but please, in a better way..

Okey..thats all for now..Selamat Beramal and Gudnite..

Monday, 8 August 2011

nEw yEar Of my LifE

"Sweet 24!! Happy birthday Bella...."

Oppsss..its already 8th of Hepy belated birthday...hehe..I'm supposed to write this post on 
5th of August..the actual date!!!
May the new year of my life be most blessed and bring much success, joy and happiness...

02/08/2011 - 2 days before..i went out with my bf for my birthday present..hehe..xde la dia kate.. "kite g bli adiah burfday syg lah...abg xtau nk bg ape..ok x if abg bli kan purse yg sayang suke tu?"....dan aku pn kate "JOM"..jom la kite..

04/08/2011 - in between 5-10 minutes b4 jam menunjuk an pukul 12 tgah call..kununnye to be the 1st person gave me a birthday wishes..tgah borak2..i mentioned that i like the purse he gave me and thank him..tibe2 dia tanye.. "angah xbg pape ke?"...aku pn pusing memandang Serra..dengan muke terkulat2,senym sumbing.." ko xbli ape2 ke utk aku?"..bertanye lah aku kepadanye wlupn tdk tlintas pn nk btnya..
si Serra ni pulak hanye la mendongak dan kepala nye sambil memuncungkan bibir nye ke  1 tempat.... aku pn wat2 je la paham..xde ape la tu kottt... then dia bkak mulut.. "Lailahaillallah...ko xnmpak ke tepi bantal tu?"..
aku pn terpandang 1 beg kertas..yg mane isinye ade teddy with chocolate!!! Love it...thanks angah Serra..xsgka dpt bear lg di usia sbegini..

05/08/2011 - masuk keje..morning shift..tgah wat keje (actually berbalas2 emel ngn kiosk lain)..tibe2 my DM datang..kak ammy..rupenye dia nk pasang player tuk tv kiosk..she do her work and i'm doing mine...flyering.. then marsha, my teammate pn datang..afternoon shift..she's actually late but unfortunately kak ammy in a good mood..slmt la dia dgn rambut yg x berikat..stripe skirt..aku pn bkak mulut.."akak,lupe ek ari ni..bezday bella"..kak amy pn wish..and m'ilangkan diri..katenye g cari sumthing for me tp xde yg bez.. so da setle sume keje dia pn berangkat g outlet lain..kak ammy send emel to sume outlet and informed all that today is bella birthday..dan adiahnye kehadiran datuk siti nurhaliza kat giant ulu kelang..yes..mmg datuk siti datg pn dgn aku xlah beria sngat g tgok..paling best, my CEO send an email wish birthday..xlame pastu 1 of the management team, send emel.. dia kate 'even we haven't meet but your name always highlighted by your DM'..mmm..nk happy ke x ek?? ptg tu..dikala tgah melepak dlm kiosk ngn marsha..dpt 1 lg adiah..teddy bear lagi..!! and k.ammy sms, bgthu dia and 3 teammate, kak zara, ellia and As pn da belikn adiah..slipar angry bird....

My 24th birthday present..from everyone that i Love and Care..and birthday song from my housemate..

Sonok rasenye smbut birthday pd thun petama di alam pekerjaan..dpt surprise kemain lg..Love them all..really appreciate their pray, wish and the present..thanks to angah serra and BF too..mlm tu jgak..marsha bovin and danial dtg umah anta sume adiah tu..and kami g lepak2 kat kedai mamak smpai 1 pagi..

And now..sudah 3 malam aku tdo bertemankan adiah2 tu sume..ade jek kt tepi bantal aku ni hah..saje nk semak kan tmpat linda and serra stress cket..lalala..

Smpai kt sini sje lah cite aku smpena umo bru aku ni..nk cite lebey..da telewat oredy..cite dah basi kate org..hehe..k..thats all..fullstop!!!.........

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

akU aNd my OFFday

YYyiPPiieee..yaaahooo...hooreeee!!!sOnok nye cuti...rehat2 kan badan, and my legs especially..
what to do..suddenly management tukar working hours from 8 to 9hours including 1 hour break..tu pun di bulan puasa ni???!!adoiyaaiii...normally bln pose ni lah management bg workers blik keje awal..nk prepare berbuka and management daku??terbalik bagai dilanggar garuda sudah..

Mmm..yesterday started 1 competition..personally make min RM500 buys..continuosly till 6/8/11 and the rewards is buffet berbuka puasa and dinner for non-muslim for 2 at 5-star hotel..yaa..i did it buys RM545..supposely RM801 but aku split buys to my teammate..smoga dpt berkat,next time leh make buy lg..means i might be one of the guest at the 2 listed hotel by my management..tapi aku off.. how come ek??x terpk lak nk tnya district manager (DM) during her visit smlm..

Because nye..yesterday our meeting focus more about career future in Gold Buyers Malaysia (GBM)..i really appreciate my DM's kindness, her intention to bring me up the ladder..and yes..for sure me myself want to climb the ladder up and be sumone in future..i really thanks her and my lead buyer, which now promoted as DM assistant..aku tau they put so many trust on me and they believe my talent...bkn nk kejar pangkat but as my DM said, i'm a senior and she know i deserve it..katenye dia xnk the rest junior think i'm nothing in GBM and being just my CEO..i have to proof that i can bring value to the company.. and i capable to be a leader..previously she put her eyes on me..but still i did wrong in her eyes..paling best aku dikatekan very soft, x god!!aku ni bkn nye org yg suke nk show off sgt..and itulah masalah aku..kate my DM and Lead buyer..The things is..this is the real side of me..since study lg aku bkn org yg cmtu..aku slenger je dlm cls..and importantly aku perform ms final exam..and pass flying color.

Ntah lah nk komen ape actually..aku syg giler keje ni coz dis is my first job!!!in my life and since graduate..sgt bez keje ni smpai aku rase cm nk lg ke aku keje ofis??tp sbb keje ngn GBM gak lah i got an offer from 1 of my customer..he offering me an administrative work but my interview still xbjalan beno big bos dia..asyik fly je..and if i get  a chance to move 1 step in GBM's ladder..aku terpakse pulak wat 1 perkara yg aku pling xsuke iaitu.....make a decision!!! i'm not a decision maker kott..waduhh..ngak bisa jadi bos lah gini..hehe..jd..aku patut berusaha lebih keras skrg tuk get my ceo DM willing to do anything for me if i'm requested to be anywhere..go beyond my safe zone..she want the ceo see the good side of me.. tp aku pn xpasti aku ni betol ke gile pangkat lah dis is international company..worldwide..i want to be a part of global team..hehe..oh my gucci..myyyy...ape ke lagi..
my sis, serra from CEO:
Today is day 2 of ramadan challenge and the following team members have qualified day 1 and are in the running to win..congratulation and get ready for day 2..for those in the running but will have a day off during the remaining day, u can still qualify as long as u meet criteria on the day that u are working. put on your  running shoes and get ready to win the prize is a mouth watering sumptous ramadan buffet for 2 at a selected hotel. u can bring a love one or gift a dear friend a trip to celebrate your win..
yeeehaa...ade chance!!! i'm still running...goodluck to all the 1day 11 member..smgat nk g keje sok aku xtau la de chance lg x esok ni hah nk wat bigbuys..environment cm x mgizinkan jekk..hehe..
so..its almost 3 pm now..get ready for berbuka..nk gi pasar jap g ni..planning nye nk wt udang msk lemak..hehe..

deep in my heart, i wish to win my ceo back by winning this competition..back on the track again..and start running tomorrow!!! smOga allah permudahkan jalan aku..amin..

chupps!!bru terperasan..the content of this post lari dari title..tercalar emosi seketika saat aku mule buka mulut hal keje..hehe..xpe..content post je still the same planning i'm going to run..

Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Comer..Welcome tO the world!!!!


Salam sejahtera, salam 1 malaysia..

yeeehaaaaa....i'm comingggg...hello everybody..i'm bella..siti nabilah..
finally.....successfully create a blog for myself..
tq to jalenda elizabeth yg sudi meluangkan mase memonitor kan aku..
terhasil lah sudah one blog for myself la..sokmo sgt berangan nk wat jugek..
tp xde mase tluang..memandangkan off duty today, but tgah mlm ni jgk bru menjadi..
sonok jgk bc blog org..which last2 memotivasikan aku nk create 1 account.
wahai blog ku..jadilah dikau tempat aku nk meluahkan perasaan..hehe

last but not least..i'm new here and all guidance are most welcome..critics are acceptable,
so dat i can improve myself..