Friday, 7 October 2011


Subject : Welcome GBMY1025 and Congratulations New Lead Buyers!

On Fri, 7 Oct 2011 08:12:01 +0800, CEO wrote:
    Happy Morning Team GBM! Today we mark the beginning of GBM's stretch outside the Klang Vally with the launch of Giant Rawang! Congratulations to the Team Rawang and welcome to the GBM family!
   I would like to make special mention of the team that has worked really hard to make this possible, Ammy and Bovin who have lead the field operations to point of materialisation. Also the team from HQ that has worked really hard to do all the ground work from start to final mobilisation, Rita, Sherina and Ang, thank you all guys for making this happen!
   Special congratulations to Bovin, who is now a Lead Buyer with effect form October and has been given the responsibility to lead and develop the Rawang area as he develops in his new role! Bovin has been an invaluable help and support in many of the earlier store openings where he has volunteered himself and always showed up to work late after his shift, sometimes even after a full shift. Well done Bovin aka Raja Kapor! All the very best as you embark on your new journey of growth and development in leadership with GBM.
   Congratulations also to Bella who is now a Lead Buyer in the KL Central Area. Bella has been a top performer in the past months, proving herself to be a competent and dedicated Buyer, consistent and always improving her performance and contribution wherever she is located. Bella will be assigned to lead some of the new store openings in the future.
I would like wish you both, Bovin and Bella, the very best for your future with GBM as you develop in your leadership roles and contribute towards taking GBM to the next level.
Have an Awesome Day everyone and let's make some noise in the market place as GBM GROWS! Happy Buying! ~ CEO Gold Buyers Malaysia

Finally the CEO announced that we are promoted to be a Lead Buyer effective from October.. Yeaayyyy!!! Alhmdulillah..the time is coming..hehe..sound like giler pangkat..but this is what we called "career development"..hehe.. and i reply..

    Dear...Thank u soooo much!! I feel so honoured to get this opportunity and yeah, this role.. Thanks for giving me a space to proof that i can.. I will apply everything i have learn and everything that i know works.I won't ever let you down and i will assure you to continue to do and make my best better each day. I'm extremely glad to have spent this 9 months as a buyer with GBM.. This is a great opportunity and experienced working with GBM.
And i would really really love to wish a big thank you to Kak Ammy and Just..Both are always support and advice me..always correct my wrong doing.. Love u both..Kak,thanks for put so much trust on me and believe of what i'm capable of.
For my teammate, continue to improve and developed..there are many opportunities within GBM, and you will see u have a bright future with GBM and yes, as a team, we will support each other.. As for Bovin..congratulation!!! we are here since January, together we attended training, we go through up and down and we share everything, support each other,..and now, you are a Lead buyer..u are the king of ur kingdom "Rawang".. Goodluck for your undertaking ..Do your jobs and do it well, with dedication and commitment as always..We MUST give our UNDIVIDED attention to our new baby! Again, a great big thank you to Halimah.. Bella is ON!!!

Adakah bunyinye kedengaran seperti mengipas.??or meng a cond ??? lah kannnn????..ape pn, syukur alhamdulilah..the chance is here..i'm up the ladder..and will continue climbing..but actually, takut sangat..takut cannot perform well, or tibe2 down..mcm yg terjadi kat one of the previous Lead Buyer..tu lah org kate, if you top u dont stop,if u stop u can drop...

and CEO reply:

Wonderful Bella!
I am really looking forward to seeing you develop further.  With your bountiful spirit I believe you will go far.  All my very best.

wOOhoo..weeHeee...syok nye..happy nye..suke tanggungjwb da smakin besar..i have to proof that their decision is correct..saat my DM, kak ammy call, dia kate
" Bella, awak kene cari 2 org staff, nnt opening new store, awak Lead Buyer kat situ"..
aku pn ckp la kat dia dngn nada tkejutnye..
" ke akak ni..xpe lah, wat2 xdgar je lah"..
Bukan pe, takut salah dengar, and xjadi, aku da bkobar2 lebehhh..ish wat malu jekkk nanti... Next, DM text me:

Wahhh..akhirnya aku diberi pluang attend meeting..shaking gak msuk meeting operation manager da salam2 ngn sume, bile dia smpai kat aku je katenye
"welcome bella....finally"..
Dia pn cium2 pp aku yg tembam cm dia ni hah smpai bovin pn naik jelez..nk jugak katenye..gataiiii... so after meeting, kami makan2..finish..kami salam2 sblm bpisah and ble smpai kat aku, CEO tersasul sebut name lead buyer lain,..and aku pn cepat2 betolkan smbil besalam dgn dia..."No lah..i'm bella"..tibe2 aku jd mcm kucing..dgn gediknye melentok kan kpala ku di bahu CEO yg cantik n tinggi lampai tu..nk bmanje la konon sbb dia tibe2 pelok bahu ku sbagai tanda sorry tsilap sebut name..amek pluang nk manje2 lah aku..heehehe..over..

Jd..inilah dia myday..ari yg dinanti2..and akhirnye da di umumkan..aku start keje since bln 1, so da almost 10 bln aku org week dah buleh bersalin..ok, sehingga betemu lg next post, sbb ade story yg lagi bestttt... "bella and the opening of her new baby"...
"Danial, Bovin and Bella are invited for meeting tomorrow at 0930am-Mont Kiara"..

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